ELIMINATION OF LARGE VARICOSE VEINS (with microsurgery and laser)

We apply this technique for very developed varicose veins (8 to 10 mm of diameter), when they are very painful and extended over a great extension of the legs.

We make some little incisions of 1-2 mm, where we extract the varicose veins. We don’t make big incision, so we avoid giving stitches, intolerances, infections and the following scars. To close the Safena varicose vein or accessory veins, we use the fiber optic laser.

To end up the operation, it is placed a bandage for 24 hours and next a stockinet of medium compression.



  • Fast recovery.
  • Local anesthetic.
  • Few hours of clinic ingress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment is painless. We apply local superficial anesthesia. This allows us to work comfortably and ensure optimal results in few sessions.

The laser treatment offers excellent esthetical results, it does not leave any scars. Following a few days after the treated area will be free after the initial marks.

Usually 2 to 4 sessions are needed to obtain efficient results, this depends on the varicose veins extension. Returning to normal life is immediate.

In the non-surgery treatments (using precutanial or endovascular laser) it is not necessary to ingress to the clinic, only when it is made laser-microsurgery it will be obligatory to ingress in the clinic for a few hours.

In most of the cases, it is possible to apply the treatment, whatever the deepness of the case is or the places they are placed.