Used to treat superficial vascular injuries like: telangiegtasias, varículas, vénulas, capilares, arañas vasculares y lunares rojos o puntos rubí. The treatment is made using a percutaneous techinque, through the skin.

We go through the little vessels to treat, applying laser radiation in a direct way, after cooling the area or using anesthetic superficially to avoid the pain. We associate liquid microesclerosis or micro foam to complement the treatment, improving the result. The procedure will be repeated after 2 or 3 weeks. Depending on the extension of the varicose veins, it is usually necessary to attend 3 or 4 sessions per area.



  • Painless.
  • Few sessions.
  • No hospital internship needed.
  • Treatment duration takes from 15 to 20 minutes.

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Using the endovascular laser, we can treat larger varicose veins (5-7 mm of diameter) without surgery, in the same consulting room, with local anesthetic and without annoyance.

By introducing fiber optic inside the vein, we accomplish closing the varicose dilations in a few sessions. This will allow the resumption of normal activity immediately.



  • No scars.
  • Economic.
  • Fast recovery.
  • No hospital internship needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment is painless. We apply local superficial anesthesia. This allows us to work comfortably and ensure optimal results in few sessions.

The laser treatment offers excellent esthetical results, it does not leave any scars. Following a few days after the treated area will be free after the initial marks.

Usually 2 to 4 sessions are needed to obtain efficient results, this depends on the varicose veins extension. Returning to normal life is immediate.

In the non-surgery treatments (using precutanial or endovascular laser) it is not necessary to ingress to the clinic, only when it is made laser-microsurgery it will be obligatory to ingress in the clinic for a few hours.

In most of the cases, it is possible to apply the treatment, whatever the deepness of the case is or the places they are placed.