Laser radiation is a monochrome light that has affinity for the red color of blood, that is, hemoglobin contained in red blood cells. When red blood cells are heated, they produce thermal damage to the vein wall, inducing clotting and subsequent fibrosis, the destruction of the blood vessel. This is how we eliminate varicose veins with laser method.

Variculas, spider veins, capillaries or ruby spots disappear quickly. This is due to the fact that its application is percutaneous, that is, through the skin. When the treatment is over, only some small scabs are left, which will fall off in a few days leaving no mark.

It is a comfortable and painless method since we only use anesthesia in the area to be treated. We sometimes associate liquid sclerosis or foam to complement the procedure. We equally use radiofrequency to shut nutrient veins of these variculous groups, thus improving the result.



With our method, varicose veins can be treated in summer since laser beams applied on small varicose veins, spider veins, telangectasias and ruby spots only produce small scabs, which fall off without leaving any scars.

We avoid spots by using sclerosing liquids which have no reaction to sunlight.

Even with larger varicose veins, the most developed ones, there are no scars. We operate them with microsurgery, where only minimal incisions are required. Since stitches are not necessary, there are no marks liable to get pigmented.

The use of sun protection cream is enough.

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